Powerful Smartphone to be Launch with 10GB RAM this year 2018; Vivo Xplay 7

Just take a moment to imagine how swift a device with 5Gb RAM would be, then think about what a device with 10Gb RAM would be able to accomplish mind blowing results.
From Weibo Pictures a presentation detailing a new Vivo smartphone which have been leaked showing off the Xplay 7. It was also said that It will be powered by Snapdragon 845 processor and come with storage space of up to 512GB of alongside with a 4K screen.

The Vivo Xplay 7 has been set to come with this embedded fingerprint sensor use Synaptics Clear ID optical sensor. This sensor only works with OLED displays because it doesn’t need backlighting as is the case with having LCD displays.
The sensors work from the gaps between the pixels which thats why the technology still stays invisible..

You will Unlock your smartphone using fingerprint at frontIin terms of the security, the fingerprint sensor will be at the Home screen instead of at the back which normally most of other smartphones do.
There’s no information around the official launch of the Xplay 7 though, so watch out, keep in mined and stay turned.

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