Free Edit existing Text, add Images Copy & Export PDF Files on your Mobile Phone without Stress

Most of you think PDF Files can not be edited, today i hereby say is false, it is possible to edit pdf file as well as you can perform text manipulation easily.

Editing a pdf file is accltually easy and you can add/edit existing texts, add images, and also copy and export the file with ease. Anyways today in this article, i will guide you on how to edit any pdf files for free on your device and also without stress.

How To Easily Edit PDF File for Free on your Mobile Device.

There are certain ways which you can easily edit or manipulate on a PDF files without stress using your android mobile device.
Compatible to all versions(kitkat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat) and above.

Edit PDF files Using Google Drive.

Firstly, you need to upload the pdf file to the Google Drive in other to edit it easily.
Once your done.
Now Click on New------> File upload-----> Select the file you want to edit and then Click on it.
Now, after the first step above, open that file with the Google Docs among options. And once the file opens in Google Docs, edit and make any changes you wish, then again save the file as PDF and download it.

If you are not that used to Google Drive, or not interested with the above method. You can also try out the below apps on your mobile phone.


Xodo PDF Editor:

When it comes to editing of pdf files or adding text, Xodo pdf editor for android is one of the best pdf file editor apk which i will recommend you to use, due to it's number of functions.

Xodo pdf editor is of the best and as well my favorite because of its functionability.
With xodo pdf editor you can--

  • Add New text to the PDF and customize the font face , size.
  • Add & Sign the PDF Document with your own signature.
  • Edit Existing texts with effects such as highlight, strikethrough, underline.
  • Annotate PDF Files

Besides, these you can even save the edited PDF Files and share them online via mail etc.
Click here to Download Xodo PDF Editor for Android

Edit PDF Using Adobe’s fill & sign for android 

Adobe normally comes first on your mind when it comes to PDF format. Adobe’s fill & sign for android phone does a great job in editing of Pdf files.
This App Perform the below function-

  • Fill Up forms & text fields.
  • Adding text to blank spaces.
  • Signing Documents.
  • Filling fields inside forms using Profile data (auto-saved)

Adobe’s fill & sign is also the best alhough it has lesser text customizations as compared to Xodo – You can change the color of text which is being added in Xodo, but the color can’t be customised in Adobe Fill & Sign.

Adobe however, has the best ease of use and it's also recommended.

Click here to Download Adobe PDF Fill & Sign for Android.

Edit PDF File Using Foxit

Foxit PDF is one of the best well known alternatives to Adobe PDF for Computers, and on Android too, this app is not left behind and doesn’t lag much.

Foxit PDF is easily capable of giving a good reading experience, simultaneously giving you a chance to edit text from your PDF documents, & Signing the documents on your Android phone.

All necessary functions for PDF editing are thoroughly implemented in Foxit, so you can go for it as well.

Click here to Download Foxit PDF Reader & Editor from Google Play

By using the above means, you can easily edit PDF files directly on your Android phone without any problem, so if you know of any better alternative app feel free to let us know in the comments section!

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