You can Now Directly Save WhatsApp Status to your Android Phone

As we all know, WhatsApp has been the most instant social media messaging app around the world now with millions of user's getting untouched with billions of instant messages sent on daily basis.
There are many features which has been frequently added to the whatsApp platform in other to enhance more user experience.
Among the latest features added some months back is the "whatsApp Status"
Let's see what this whatsapp status feature means.

WhatsApp Status:

This whatsapp status feature allow any whatsapp user to share photos, videos, texts and animinated Gifs which disappears within 24 hours. In order for you to receive or send status update on whatsapp and base from your contacts, both you and your contacts must have each other's phone numbers saved in your phone book.

How to Save WhatsApp Status Update:

Coming to talk on how you can save the whatsapp status.
Here in this post we write everything in details on how you can save the whatsapp status to your phone gallery.

Note: If you already installed the latest GBWhatsApp on your phone and you are already using it, you don't need to straws your self on this because you can directly save any photo, video, and Gif Status to your gallery using the GBWhatsApp without any third party application.

You can follow the bellow steps that's if you don't have the GBWhatsApp intalled on your phone.

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Here are Things which are Needed

1: Your Android Smartphone is required.

2: The latest WhatsApp should be installed.

3: Status Saver Free Download it here


After a successful download of the Status Saver application from play store, Now follow this below procedure to complete your task.

Step 1: Open whatsapp application and view the status which you are interested in, and wish to save.

Step 2: Now Open the status saver application which you walker downloaded, select the status you want to save and Click on Save.

Step 4: Go to your gallery and see the status you just saved.

Enjoy but remember GbWhatsapp is more better and Telegram is the grandfather.

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