Download Free GBWhatsapp v6.4 APK [Latest Version]

You may have heard of the latest GBWhatsapp right?
The GBWhatsapp is a new modded version with lots of amazing features, and is been trending on the internet right now. Many social media lovers have already  downloaded this app, as it tend to come with features that cannot be seen in the Official Whatsapp app.

May be you haven’t used or test the GBWhatsapp, we recommend you to give the app a try and you are going to definitely love it. This app has been on use for a period of time now.

About GBWhatsapp

GBWhatsApp is a very most popular app for the Android users, which has millions of downloads all over the world. The GBWhatsApp APK supports all types of Android versions and are familiar with the Official Whatsapp application and there a huge number of WhatsApp users around the globe.

This is a popular version of MOD  WhatsApp application where you can find a huge amount of features that you can not find or see on the Normal WhatsApp.

Coming to the latest GB Whatsapp, with this app it is very easier to create multiple Whatsapp Accounts on one phone, hide last seen, Online status, second tickers, latest Emoji’s etc.

This application is useable on both Rooted and Non-Rooted Android devices. When compared to the Whatsapp, Whatsapp plus and OG WhatsApp the GBWhatsApp veesion has the most amazing features than the others–  GB Whatsapp

That’s it.

Since it’s a modification [mod] of the official Whatsapp app, it’s still the best and great as more features will be added as time goes on.

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Now you learn about the latest added features as seen below.

Great Features of the Latest GBWhatsapp [Version 6.40]: You can’t Miss

Before checking the new features, you can Click Here to Download GBWhatsapp 6.40 Apk.

Below Are the Features of the Latest GBWhatsApp [Mod]

  • it is possible to schedule the Whatsapp messages.
  • it is possible to send videos which are up to 50Mb in size.
  • it is possible to block calls from a specific contact.
  • it is possible to hide your last seen, Blue ticks etc. for a selected number of contacts.You have access to new emojis.
  • Easily download WhatsApp stories. copy their status on your clipboard so you can easily paste it into your profile.
  • It also works well along with official WhatsApp which means you can also have dual WhatsApp on your device without facing any issues.
  • Fully customizable.
  • And Lots More features.

How to Download the Latest GBwhatsapp Apk 6.50?

You can learn more of this wonderful GbWhatsApp features when you download the App. Click here to download right now and enjoy yourself.

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