Get the Best Out of Jakobian; Nigerians top Forum Site

There are many forum sites in Nigeria which most of the internet user's are engaged in. As we all know a Forum site are discussion boards where most users get the privilege to ask various questions, and also share their knowledge, reviews, expertise and contents  (Articles or Pictures) are mostly posted by individuals, who are registered members of the particular forum. By now I think you should know what a Forum site I all about.

And today I will be talking on one among the top Nigerian Forum Site Jackobian;
Jackobian is a Forum site which avails Nigerians the privilege of placing various topic of their choice, be it an Education, Sport, Infotech, Politics, Entertainment and General info.

Users get the chance of discussing on each topics posted at the forum.  This forum is very easy to use and access, it's also mobile friendly.

The Newer Version of Kinwap.Com

As recorded by the C.E.O Prezzy;
Jackobian  is a smarter version of, He said after he had manage for a long time, it became almost unmanageable given the presence of 40, 000 + members, which most of them want to say their mind and mind can be anything including Spamming. 

He also said spamming nearly crashed off and after which he and his co-worker has try out different crude techniques including shutting down the registration portal, as it was still unbearable to them.

Jackobian Aims to Give Information while Maintaining the Community

Also as recorded by prezzy; 
1: He said that the strive the opportunity to make everyone's voice count and reach to the proper audience as its easier to find solutions when brilliant minds work together in a suitable environment.

2: We are dynamic, the only hinderance to this is funding which we don't have, but as much as possible, we modify to satisfy the needs of users

3: We are you, Or better still, like you! We aren't living on the moon, we live in hostels, villages, cities too so we understand you properly and do care.

Final Word;
I do suggest you join explosive forum today.......

2 Responses to "Get the Best Out of Jakobian; Nigerians top Forum Site"

  1. Nice one bro....Jackobian is also top crypto forum in Nigeria

  2. Yeah, actually there is something really special over there. To be honest, way back in kinwap old version I wasn't a register member. I only saved the site on my bookmark, which I normally used that privilege to check for new updates on the site. But now to say the fact am fully a member jacks forum.


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