How to View Someone's Private Facebook Profiles Or Profiles You have been Blocked From

Facebook has been the largest social media around the world now and it allows you to make your account private so that your post and personal information are only visible to your friends. But, here on this post I will be showing you how to view any private facebook profile or someone who has block you.
This post can help you also in some other reasons to keep an eye on cheating spouse or girlfriend, keeping up with whereabouts of your children or any other 9reason. Ethical or unethical, moral or immoral.

How will you go about doing that?

Well, is easy and there are two methods to view any private or blocked Facebook profile. These simple methods can also let you know if someone has blocked you or not.

How To View Private Facebook Profiles Or Profiles You Are Blocked From

Method 1.

  • Log out of your account.
  • Search for the person on Facebook’s search bar.
  • You can enter the exact username of the person and you will be able to see the profile.
  • You can also enter the name of the person, but you will have to scroll through hundreds or sometimes even thousands of profiles from search results to find the desired person.

Method 2.

  • Log out from fb your account.
  • Enter URL of the user’s profile in the address bar of your browser.
  • The URL of the profile will be in this format:, For instance, you want to view in to Rholex Haris’s profile, you need to enter (It is must important for you to know the actual username of the person to do this method)
  • Now Hit enter.
  • The profile will be visible in front of you. You can visit their profile and also know if someone has blocked you on Facebook.
If the profile appears following this method, then the profile exists which means you have been blocked by the user. If the profile does not appear, then the profile has been disabled by Facebook.

Method 3.

  • Search for the person’s name on Google search along with adding Facebook after it. For example, search Rholex Haris Facebook then identify the person you are looking for from the google search results.
    Now click on the persons name which you just search on google and you will be able to see the profile of person.
  • Try the above methods and do let us know if it proved effective. If you are facing any problem or have queries regarding the same drop it in the comments section below.
Do you know any other method other than this ? On how to view blocked or private Facebook profiles? drop them in the comments section below.

Facebook has been ontop over the world of social media platforms but most likely there are thousands of users on Telegram, Do join now.

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