WWE Mayhem available now for free Download on iOS and Android

The free-to-play mobile games developers "Reliance Games" has once again announce the released of a new World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE Mayhem) to be lunch over the top, arcade style action game featuring the 'WWE Legends and Superstars which is currently available for free.

The 'WWE' Mayhem can be downloaded on Android phones and tablets via Google Play Store and also on iOs via the App Store.

'WWE Mayhem' let's Fan's to decide which WWE Superstars and Legends are truly the greatest of all time, It also offers an enhance user gameplay experience, allowing to unlock unique content when in used to the conjunction Mattel's Retro figures. 

Player's that has the WWE Retro figures shall be able to scan their figures within the game to unlock  their favorite Superstars.
More also Users can play with their favorite Legends like John Cena, Batista, Triple H, The Rock etc.

The WWE Mayhem has different ways to be played,users can take friends from around the world in one matches.
You can also take your WWE Superstars to the next level in a weekly WWE RAW SmackDown live Challenges.
Play through the Epic matches between Legends and Superstars to differentiate the greatest in all time.
The 'WWE' Mayhem also captures all the strength/energy, emotion and excitement of WWE live action in a mobile experience so that any user/fan can enjoy."
Download: Kindly get this app by clicking here

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