Amazing Microsoft Lock Screen Application for Android User's

The Microsoft team has recently announced another amaizing application for Android Smartphone users. 

This Lock Screen app developed for Android phone users allows people to customize a more personalized experience centered for there passions and interests they care about.
The lock screen app offers you a host of wallpapers and news to keep you updated around the globe. The lock screen allows users to follow their favorite Cricketers, footballers and actors, past and present music icons, scenic shots, etc.
This lock screen application is only available for Android smartphone users and can be downloaded directly free from Google Play Store. This app also has a search bar  widget that let users search directly from the lock screen without unlocking the phone.This is amazing right?

A status bar is also added which allows you to access basic settings such as Bluetooth,  Wi-Fi, Battery, Brightness, etc. Moreover, you can also customize how to unlock the Android device with the lock screen app enabled.

Summary, the Favorite lock screen app offers Some  HD wallpapers of your favorite celebrities and interests on your lock screen. It keeps you up with the latest news updates and trends. You can access top apps and settings with a quick tap and unlock your Android phone the way you want by applying a Pattern code, PIN, or password.

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