Nokia Camera app now available for download in Google Play Store

While Nokia, presently owned by HMD Global has launched only three smartphones so far after its resurrection, we will get to see more in the upcoming months.

Now, the company has made an interesting move. HMD Global has just made the Camera app of its Nokia smartphones available on the Google Play Store. It is worth pointing out, it is HMD's own Camera UI, not the Lumia Camera UI whose patent was said to have transferred by Microsoft to the company recently. If you own a Nokia 3, Nokia 5 or a Nokia 6, then this news holds little importance to you.
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As the Camera app came pre-installed with those smartphones. However, there is one advantage. Being listed in Google Play Store, the app is expected to get updates on a regular basis. So users wouldn't have to wait for OTA updates anymore since they can update the Camera app directly from the Play Store.
On the other hand, the developers of camera enhancement apps could also get benefits from the Nokia app for testing their own apps. Currently, it is not known if the app will be functional as a third party app on other handsets that are not manufactured by Nokia.
Meanwhile, Nokia is also releasing the Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 in more markets of Asia, Europe, North Africa and some parts of Africa.

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