How to change Android Smartphone status bar without Rooting

Hello buddies, what’s up ? Lets not waste the time in introduction and cut to the chase. Tired/Bored of having the old status bar on your android smartphone ? And Want to change it ? Well, as you all know you can do many things once you root your android phone but rooting will void the warranty of your phone so many of you guys are not so much interested in doing it. So here we are with awesome guides/tricks to help you change your Smartphone status bar without rooting device.

Bored of having the old status bar on your android smartphone ? And Want to change it ? Well, as you all know you can do many things once

So lets get into the step by step guide on the topic.
How to change status bar without Rooting
Firstly all you need to do is to download an Android App named Change status bar without rooting which is available in Google play store. You can click here to download.


That's the Question actually Poppin on your mined right away. 

Well, this App has status bar replacement and it draws an overlay right on the top of the system-generated default status bar. It means that the original actual status bar is only hidden right under the replacement of the new bar.  Also the Touch gestures aren’t overridden, and along with this standard notification panel is shown.

Installing this application, it has to require lots of permission. Because you haven't Root your device, so the application need to have access to many things. Well, here are the list of what this permission will do and why it is required.

Notification Access: As the name suggest, it will require to access the notification for icons.

Accessibility Service: This permission is used to get the color of status bar. Yes, it means you can change colors of the status bar.

Battery Stats: This permissionis used to show status of battery in status bar .

System Alert Window and System Overlay Window: As you know, whenever you are using any app and you swipe down status bar, it overlay all the apps, hence this is required

Network State and Phone State: It is required because this options are shown in status bar including flight mode is on or not.

Wifi State: It shows the network for wifi connection.

Bluetooth: It shows whether the bluetooth is on or off.

External Storage: Of course, when you change your phone, you won’t set all settings and hence for backup purposes access to external storage is required.

– Location Services: GPS is also shown in status bar hence it is required.

– Alarm: As you know, alarm clock is also shown in bar and so this permission is required to know if alarm is set or not.

It is free application and the best thing about this app is that it does not have any type of ads. So guys enjoy changing your boring status bar and Keep visiting Virgintech for more tweaks, tricks and tips.

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