Download Official Samsung Internet Browser v6.2 Beta for all Android phones

Samsung has Recently, made its official browser available for all non-Samsung Android users. Though the browser is still under-going some testing pending the time the stable version will be released.

If you have once used Samsung internet browser, you will agree with me that it's a good browser with cool features. And if you have wished to have that browser installed on your non-Samsung android phone, then the Beta testing version is here for you to download and install.

If you have once used Samsung internet browser,

Samsung internet browser is fast, smooth and light and it's here to compete with Google Chrome, which i fully know Chrome browser is better of. I love Chrome browser with the whole of my heart because of its uniqueness and simplicity. It's the best browser out there and i don't think there's any browser that can take the place of Chrome in my cute heart.

Like i said earlier, Samsung internet browser is now open to all Android users, but it will only work on phones running on Android Lollipop and above.

The browser features CSS Grid and lots more. The latest Beta version of Samsung internet browser v6.2 is been released for all Android 5.0+ (Lollipop+) phones.

Below are the new features added to Samsung internet browser v6.2 beta;

>> The most notable of these is the high contrast mode, which enables for easier reading for visually impaired people (and is a separate option from the existing night mode). But alongside, there's an upgrade to a new, snappier version of the Chromium rendering engine, as well as several more experimental features like WebVR support for Google Cardboard and the ability to control Bluetooth devices right inside the browser.

>> It is now available globally for download from Google Play store >>DOWNLOAD HERE<<.

Do you like Samsung internet browser? Have you used it before?
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