Check How Etisalat Nigeria has Also joined the 4G LTE gang too.

Once upon a time, nobody was talking about 4G LTE in
Nigeria. Today, the story has changed and all the telcos are
falling over themselves to provide their customers the service.

ntel has got it. MTN , InterC Network , Globacom too. Today,
Nigeria’s fastest growing telecommunication company,
Etisalat has also announced the launch of its 4G LTE service
in the country.

The service will ensure its customers across the country enjoy
clearer voice calls, increased access to faster and qualitative
Internet service and great value for money.

“The 4G LTE technology offers our customers increased
access to high speed data and quality voice services real time,”
said Matthew Willsher, Chief Executive Officer, Etisalat

He added, “With the new technology, our customers will
enjoy efficient broadband internet and uninterrupted
connectivity to clearer voice calls, increased access to online

streaming and ultra-high definition videos.”
Unlike other GSM networks, its customers don’t need to
purchase a different SIM card or do a swap to enjoy the service

– all Etisalat SIM cards are LTE enabled.
Also, its 4G LTE network supports a wide range of LTE
devices, including older smartphones that support 4G LTE
network. So, some customers wouldn’t need to worry about
buying newer devices before they can enjoy the service!

At the moment though, the service is only available in few
locations in Lagos. In the coming months, it’ll rollout in
other parts of the country.

The launch of the service shows Etisalat is committed to
delivering superior customer experience to its numerous
customers while also helping in Government’s quest to boost
the economy through broadband Internet.

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