Telegram tricks to get you hooked to this messenger app

Telegram Messenger is one of those Best apps which you wished you had but you never knew about it while it was just a few MBs of download away. The app was launched back in 2013 and its developers now claim that it has already crossed the milestone of 100 million users with 0.32 million users joining the platform daily.

Best Alternative for telegram
You are sure to find few contacts from your phone who are already using Telegram. The app is loaded with themes, stickers, masks and a bunch of privacy and security settings.
Telegram's interface is very similar to Whatsapp messenger and there is a lot more to this app than just plain old texting. Telegram already sports all the features Whatsapp is currently working on and to be honest the resemblance of Telegram to Whatsapp does a huge favor to new users who do not have to get used to an entirely new interface.
You, probably have been using Telegram app already in which case you already know how cool it really is. Yet we present to you 7 cool tips that would only enrich your user experience with it.
Choose from three predefined themes or create your own:
While the app has several backgrounds to offer with an option to choose pictures from your gallery to serve the purpose, it also has three different themes that keep the interface of this app lively and far from monotonous. Well literally!

How to use telegram
The predefined options include a 'Default' theme, 'Blue' theme and a 'Dark' theme. Apart from these, Telegram also gives users an option to create a new theme allowing them to choose colors for each element of the interface such as action bar, window background and stickers menu.
Users can choose pre-defined themes or customize one by simply opening the settings menu of the app and tapping theme option that is visible right in the setting menu itself.
Once you have created a theme this app also allows you to share it with your friends or contacts.
Add masks to images:
Yet another frisky feature of this app is the option it offers to add masks to pictures that users share with anyone in their contacts.
While many of you may have already discovered the feature of editing the pictures before sending them to a contact, I am quite sure there is a bunch of users out there who still have no clue whatsoever about masks.

How to use telegram
Well, masks are funny little add-ons for pictures which can be topped over the image itself. All you need to do to add masks to an image is simply attach a photo from gallery or click one from the camera and right before you send it a screen appears which offers options to edit the photo.
Tap on the little paint brush icon and you will be directed to an elaborate masking menu. Tap the smiley face on this screen and a variety of masks appear on the screen. Choose your favorite from the lot and place it on the part of the image you want to. You can also increase or decrease the size of the mask.

Change notification LED light color:
This feature is only compatible with smartphones that sport a notification LED. Telegram allows you to change the color of the notification LED light when you receive a message on the app. How cool is that!!??
To get hands on this feature all you need to do is open settings panel, under the settings tab tap on the Notification and Sounds bar to access notification settings. Now, there are two separate setting menus one of which is for private messages while the other is for group chat. However, both of these menus have the option to change the color of LED light.

How to use telegram
This means you can choose a color for LED for private messages you receive and an entirely different color for group chat notification.
Delete sent messages:
Let's say you were engrossed in a hilarious texting session with your close buddy which obviously contains the exchange of texts in unparliamentary language. However, you accidentally end up sending out a similar text to your boss!
Whatsapp users are recommended to clear their desks and find a new job while telegram messengers can play it cool and delete the text not only from their chat box but also from their boss'.

How to use telegram
All you need to do to get out of the sticky situation is long press the message you wish to delete and choose delete option from the option tray that appears. A pop-up box will open up which will allow you to delete the message from receivers chat box as well.
Send video messages:
This one is not too cool and several other messenger apps already have this feature including Whatsapp but the feature is a bit hidden in Telegram app. To access the feature you need to tap on the mic icon right next to the text bar at the bottom of a chatbox. The mic turns into a camera and you can now long press the camera icon to record a video message and send it instantly.
Secret Chat and self-destruct timer:
Telegram allows its users privacy through a feature called the Secret Chat. To access the feature user needs to tap on the contact name in an open chat box. This reveals a drop down menu with an option to 'Start Secret Chat'. Once you start a secret chat you or the person you are chatting to, won't be able to take screen shots of the chat.
Users also get an option to self-destruct the received chat by enabling and setting 'Self destruct' option on the chat box itself. The app allows users to customize the time before messages are deleted.

Lock Telegram:
This is an important feature for users who have exchange confidential information on the chat. This option locks the app and each time you try to access it you will have to enter a passcode or alternatively you can choose to unlock it using your finger print through a sensor if your smartphone has one.
To enable this feature you need to get into settings panel and tap on the Privacy and Security option. Once in the window, you need to locate 'Passcode Lock' under 'Security' tab.

How to use telegram
Once you click on the option Telegram will ask you to setup the passcode lock. Once you are through with it, you will have access to a toggle switch which will allow you to enable or disable the option.
An icon with similar feature also starts appearing in the chats section which makes switching between the option an easy task.
Now that you have been acquainted with a few more features of the app, don't stare at the screen, go explore them.

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