Samsung will be making its own AirPod competitor, powered by Bixby

Samsung AirPod
Samsung may be making AirPod-like headphones powered by its smart assistant Bixby that could launch alongside the Galaxy Note 8 next month. The headphones will reportedly feature noise-canceling technology as well, the report says.
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The main problem with this is Bixby, is well crap. It’s just not good right now, and releasing a pair of expensive Bluetooth headphones won’t improve that situation. Until Samsung can get Bixby up to par with the Alexas and Siris of the world, any Bixby-centered product will likely be a disappointment.


The report also quotes a Samsung executive saying the device isn’t final yet, so it may not happen as soon as we think. But who knows, maybe Samsung has a major Bixby update in the works and this AirPod competitor will be great. Anything is possible, (except for Bixby being useful right now).

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