How to use Truecaller Flash Messaging on your Android or IPhone Smartphone

This Flash messaging app allows a user to send quick pre-defined messages to any Truecaller user.
Truecaller has rolled out this new feature for the iOS users dubbed as Flash Messaging. This feature is already available on the Android platform, which was launched along with Truecaller 8. 

With this feature, you can avoid typing full messages instead, you just tap the 'thunderbolt’ symbol next to another Truecaller user’s name in your call log to send messages saying 'I am on my way’ or even your location. Moreover, the flash messaging does not use SMS credit to send but needs a data or wifi connection.

How do I send Flash messaging?
You can send Flash messages from your Call Log, and from Contact tab. Select the contact -> tap on the 'Thunderbolt' icon. In order for this feature to work, you must enable the 'Availability' feature. To turn on this feature for:

  • iPhone: Open App > More > Settings > Availability

  • Android: Open App > Menu > Settings > General

 In Truecaller 8, it has launched lots of features including SMS messaging, new themes and a revamped new look. With this version, the app also has UPI payments, where you end and receive money over UPI for instant bank transfers.
If you haven't installed the Truecaller app on your smartphone you can go to Play Store or App Store and download it for free. 

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