How To Create Personal WhatsApp Bot [Auto Reply To WhatsApp Messages]

Are you the type person who is always busy,? Because you're with some work on your hands and can't respond to your WhatsApp messages? Maybe I should say that you're not closer to your phone at the particular time when you got some WhatsApp messages from your friends, it could be personal message or a group message but as the case may be, you're unable to check out those messages. However, Auto reply for WhatsApp does it all, it reply both group messages and personal messages but to do that you need to instruct it on what to resend (automate it).

Hence, I know that I'm the type who's always busy, if not doing some office work then it'll be household chores or rather I'll be making some research on the next write-up that I'll publish. By the end it the day, I'll end up having thousands of messages which can make a phone to be heavy (hang). Luckily for me, I came across with this app (Auto reply for WhatsApp) and it has really done a lot job for me, at least it'll inform the person that I'm busy at the moment.

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How Does Auto Reply For WhatsApp Works:
I must say that it's a simple app to use by anyone, this app helps you to respond to your WhatsApp messages whenever you're busy or not with your phone. For this app to reply the messages you want then you have to instruct it with the message you want it to send to the user - Also, you can fix the time duration it'll take to respond to any of your messages when you're busy (both personal messages and group messages have different time interval so you'll be the one to fix the time it'll respond to your messages when you're unable to reply). However, this app is not affiliated with WhatsApp.

Auto Reply For WhatsApp is a free app anyone can get from Google play store. Hence, this app is a new play store app, programmed by Guide Stodio Inc. Simply click on Auto reply for WhatsApp to get it directly from Google play store or you can search for the name when you launch your play store app.

Grant Permission:
Do you think that this app can just be installed to your phone and it'll start working immediately? No, it doesn't work like that. This app works only with the approval of the owner and for that you have to grant Permission. To Grant permission, simply launch the app, it could be from Google play store or from your app drawer. Click the next icon after the welcome message then you'll see where GRANT PERMISSION is written. Click on it and it'll navigate you straight to where you can obtain permission for the app. However, if you're unable to do that then simply follow the step below to do it manually.
Settings >> Security >> Notification Access.
After granting permission to the app, it's now left for you to configure it to your preferred style. It's not difficult to configure though but I'll still stretch out somethings for you.

  •  At first, Toggle on the app.
  • Secondly Enter your reply text (what you want the bot to be replying when you have an unread messages).
  • Thirdly Set the time interval in which the bot will reply to private messages when you're busy (Highest interval is 30 secs).
  • Lastly Set the time interval when the bot will reply to group messages (maximum of 60 mins '1hr')
I don't think that everyone will like a situation whereby notification showing that the app is running at the top of the notification bar and will like to get rid of it. The app icon sometimes makes it look a bit childish and some will also not like the situation whereby his/her friends will notice that he/she is using such an app. To stop the app icon from display at the top of notification bar, simply follow the below steps.
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Bring down your notification panel >> Long press on the icon >> Click on App Info >> Click on Show Notifications and accept the terms then it'll disappear.
Rounding Up:
Busy or not busy you can now reply your friends on WhatsApp without insulting or keeping he/she on hold. This is a nice app to try, I came across it and guess that it'll be a wonderful idea to share with you. Hence, it's a free app to try.

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