Google releases Motion Stills for Android

Google has launched its Motion Stills feature on Android, a year after introducing the feature on iOS. Although the feature for Android is completely different from the iOS version. While Motion Stills create shareable GIFs of Live Photos captured on iOS devices, it works entirely in a different way on Android.

Now, since Android does not have an alternative to Live Photos all it does on the OS is it takes pictures and creates a GIF.
The app allows users to take two different kinds of shots. The first kind of the shot that users can take is the 'Motion Stills'. This feature like already mentioned creates a GIF like video which runs in a 3-second loop. Motion Still captures only videos and no pictures, which makes room for the confusion to arise regarding its name.
However, the second feature is called 'Fast Forward' and this feature allows users to capture hyper-lapse videos with several options to customize the recording as well as the recorded video. Fast Forward is an alternative to Instagram's Hyperlapse app and in fact is better than the latter.
Fast Forward stabilizes the video and it also presents an option to users to speed up the recording from 2 to 8 times the original elapsed time. Once a video has been shot and saved on the smartphone user can still edit the hyper-lapse speed.
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The Motion Stills in iOS also has a few features more than the Android app such as an option to make cinemagraph and add moving text. These features have not yet been provided in the Android version of the app.

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