Facebook Messenger will soon get ads on home screen

Facebook is now desperate to connect its 1.2 billion users with the 60 million businesses on the network. We say so as the social networking giant has come up with a new ads policy in an attempt to achieve the same.

Facebook will soon display ads on the Facebook Messenger home screen. Already, Facebook started displaying advertisements on its social networking platform and Instagram. Now, the company is in plans to display ads in between the chat threads on Facebook Messenger. With this attempt, Messenger ads will be able to use the same kind of user targeting abilities. This means that you can see ads based on what you like on the platform. Maybe, it can be based on your conversations too.

The home screen of the Messenger will act as an inbox for the conversations as well as ads.With 1.2 billion monthly active users, the Facebook Messenger will soon progress into one of the largest captive platforms for the audiences.
The existing Messenger ads include both the sponsored messages as well as ads in the Facebook News Feeds and redirect to the Messenger conversations with humans or bots. However, the sponsored messages can be sent to users that the company has already had a conversation with in the past.

Earlier this year, Facebook introduced ads on the Messenger's home screen in Australia and Thailand as a part of the beta testing phase. Now, after the successful completion of the same, the Messenger ads are set to be rolled out to the global users in the coming weeks.

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