How to Move Android Chrome Browser Address Bar to the Bottom of Your Screen

In this little tutorial, we will see how you can move down the address (and search) bar in Chrome browser on Android devices. If you own a big phone, your hands will thank you for this and you can thank me later! Follow the below steps to move the Chrome Browser address bar to the bottom of your device’s screen.
How to move address bar to the bottom in Chrome for Android
1. Open Chrome and go to the hidden Flags Menu
To go the hidden Chrome Flags Menu, type in ‘chrome://flags’ (without quotes) on your Chrome’s address bar. You will be in the below screen now:

2. Change the ‘Chrome Home Android’ Setting

There will be hundreds of different options on this screen and we need to find the one named ‘Chrome Home Android’. The hard way is to scroll and look for the option. The easy (and smart) way is to use the Chrome’s built-in page search option, and just type 

"Chrome Home on Android" see below screenshot. 

Now change "Default" to "Enabled"
and then Click on "Launch Now"
Once the Chrome restarts, you will find the address bar on the bottom of your screen! Refer to the screenshot below: 

If you wish to go back to the original setting, simply repeat the above steps and choose ‘Default’ from the drop down.

Do you have any favorite Chrome Flag setting? Let us know in the comments below!

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