How to set up automatic responses to text messages in Android

There are lots of inconvenient scenarios like meeting, driving, and trekking, where we cannot reply to messages and sometimes calls either.
In order to tackle that situation, there are lots of third party apps available to text back automatically, if you are not available. You can do this by installing SMS Auto Reply Text Message app on your smartphone.

SMS Auto Reply Text Message

This app allows you to automatically respond to text messages and can be manually turned on and off or you can schedule using time, dates, and weekdays.

With this app, you can create different profiles with custom messages and can even tailor the message to whom it is directed. Moreover, this app also has the option to create a separate list out the contacts, with whom you need to reply and shouldn't.
The Emergency List allows you to whitelist certain contacts whose calls you will receive no matter what.

Automatic response by location

In case, if you want to respond to specific numbers, the IFTTT comes handy with some custom features. You can trigger the auto-respond to SMS messages received from certain numbers, containing text and even based on your location as well.
In order to use this, you need to install IFTTT on your phone and need to activate Android message channels too. In this case, you have to enter the number manually along with the message to reply to them for each and every person you want to. This will be useful when you want the automated reply to very limited number contacts, otherwise, it will be tiring.

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