You Can Now Turn Your Android Device Into Full Functional Computer

Andromium OS is currently available in Limited time free public beta. Andromium OS runs smoothly on Snapdragon 800 or better processor 2GB of RAM or 1080p external monitor. However, it requires the lollipop or later versions of Android to run. Let’s know how to use Andromium OS on a device.

Recommendation and Requirement

Recommended device specification:
Snapdragon 800 or better processor
1080p external monitor

Lollipop 5.0 or above
w/ the Superbook (
Chromecast/Miracast or Adapter/Dock that allow external TV/Monitor attachment
Mouse/Keyboard (USB or Bluetooth)
Phone must be charging when trying to launch Andromium OS. Without waisting much of our time less just Strike.

How To Turn Your Android Device Into full functional Computer Step By Step

Step 1.To Turn Your Android Device Into Full Functional Computer, First of all, you need to download and install the app Andromium OS on your Android device From Google playstore.
Step 2. After you installed it on your device, you just need to grant “App Usage Access” simply click on “Ok” permit the app.
Step 3. Now you need to give access to Notification. Simply grant access to Notification of your phone.
Step 4. Now, you will see the home screen on Andromium OS simply tap on “OK”

Step 5. Now on the Notification panel, you will see “Andromium OS is running” simply click on it and launch it.

Finally, Now you can enjoy full functional computer by attaching your device to TV/Monitor and keyboard and Mouse.


- Allow user to use the default wallpaper as Andromium Desktop background
- Fixed an issue with the android app control buttons, so they are not hidden by the Android status bar
- Minor enhancement to the Browser and Desktop UI
- Few other minor bug fixes.
- Fixed a bug in the Notification Center.
- New Andromium UI/Interface, optimized for the Superbook
- New Notification Center, one place for all user's notifications
- Revamped app UI

That’s it! 

 With this method, you can easily make your android device performance.So try this out today. And share with others too. Don't forget to comments below this post.

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