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Use the Easy Stopwatch & Timer through Google Homepage on Chrome Browser

There are varieties of features which one can do through the google hompage, and today i will be discusing on how you can you the Google stop watch. Well, Google lets us do this either through the address bar in Chrome or by opening the homepage itself and using its search box. So just read through this article.

Using Google to Set a Timer

As we all know timer lets you measure your performance, and by using the timer it let you forcing your self to improve a the activity your on.
You can do this by
> First Open your Crhrome browser
> Type in the word “Set a timer” in Chrome’ address bar or the Google search box.
Once you hit enter, you will see a timer with Start and Reset options. Choose the duration you want and click on Start. And you will see it count down, toggle between the Stop and Reset buttons as per the duration.

As seen in below screenshot..

Setting a Stopwatch on Google

As we all know stopwatch is basically used in measuring the duration of any process is a good way to improve productivity.
As the age of physical devices is slipping away, fewer stopwatches are in use although stop watch is been intergrated into our mobile phone but still I will show you how to use this feature on Google Chrome, Google offers such services if you’re someone who works mostly on PC. You can follow these simple steps to start a stopwatch within Google.

This is just similar process as explained above on setting up Timer,
So, just type “Start a stopwatch,” either in the address bar or in the Google search box. Let it run for as long as you want. Tap on the buttons Start, Stop and Reset as per your requirement.
See below screenshot..
These services are only available as long as there’s an internet connection, they don’t work offline.
So stay updated with latest tech tutorials on TechzBot.

Happy Working

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All You Need To Know About MTN 2000% Instant Bonus Offer

MTN is here again offering a special instant Welcome back bonus to their non-active customers for a long lasting period of 3 months. This new promo offer is available to all MTN subscribers whom they have never recharged their dormant SIM for some period of 45-180 days or subscribers who have not made calls or sent an SMS for at least 45 days and more.
This new promo offer is available to all MTN subscribers

Well, If you have not used your MTN network for the past 45 days, kindly look for it and insert the SIM into your device and get 2000% instant bonus on your first recharge in a month for the next 3 months.

MTN Instant Bonus Offered Amount

> Recharge of N100 gives you N2,000

> Recharge of N200 gives you N4,000

> Recharge of N400 gives you N6,000

> Recharge of N500 gives you N10,000

> Recharge of N1,000 gives you N20,000

And according to MTN, they said with the new promo offer, customers can be able to make calls which the default tariff plan rate is 80kb/sec (N48/min), National SMS at the default tariff plan rate is N4/SMS capped at 75 SMS weekly and data at the default tariff plan rate is N5/MB.

Please note that bonus will only be received on your first recharge in a month for the next 3 months

How To Check Your Instant Bonus Balance

To check your instant data bonus, kindly dialing *559*65# and you're good to go.

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Get Smile 4G LTE MiFi Device And Enjoy Massive 20GB Data + 100% Data Bonus for 3months

The Ntel 4G/LTE broadband operator and Smile 4G LTE telecoms  is introducing its latest SMiFi 4G LTE MiFi device, which brings to users a massive 20GB Anytime data + 100% BONUS for 3 (three) months on every recharge.
The Smile mifi is a pocket-size Wi-Fi device, which comes with a whole lot of goods attached to it and it cost just N22,000.
Silmultanuesly the Smile MiFi device  can connects up to 8 devices via

Silmultanuesly the Smile MiFi device  can connects up to 8 devices via Wi-Fi and boast of SuperFast speed which can by use to Play online games as well as streaming of movies and videos online.

Smile 4G LTE MIFI Product Details
20GB Anytime data + 100% BONUS on     recharge for 3 months when you recharge     with 7GB or 15GB Anytime data plan

> 20GB Anytime data + 100% BONUS on
   recharge for 3 months when you recharge
   with 7GB or 15GB Anytime data plans.

> New 4G LTE SMiFi device for SuperFast
    internet on-the-go.

> 100% BONUS data consists of 50%
   Anytime + 50% MidNite data.

> MidNite data can be used from midnight
   to 6AM Internet for the whole family.

> SMiFi connects up to 8 devices
   simultaneous via Wi-Fi.

> 100% more data for the next 3 months.

> Watch movies and videos online.

> Play online games.

> Stay in touch with friends on social media
  and so much more.

As I said ealier, the Smile Mifi device comes with a 20GB Anytime data + SMiFi + 100% BONUS.

Please take note that this BONUS data is valid for 30 days only and consists of 50% Anytime + 50% MidNite data (the MidNite data can be used from 12 AM Midnight to 6AM).
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Did you forget Your ATM Card at Home? You can Withdraw Cash Using your mobile Phone

To be honest I have never thought that this information was useful until I became a victim myself.
Just yesterday I was already at the bank when I noticed that I forgot my Naira ATM CARD at home. Gush..! 
To be honest I have never thought that this information was useful until I became a victim myself

I was soo fraustrated at that moment, what i was thinking at the moment was how I can get money without having to go back home to pick up my Mastercard. In a short moment, my heart just beat and immediatly I thought about withdrawal without a card, I must be sincere with you, it was the first time I used it.
I quickly took my phone, Dialed the USSD code, after a few minutes, a REFERENCE PIN was sent to me which i used it to pay my money!

And Now I have decided to share how easy it is to Withdraw your money without an ATM card.

Well, you might be a victim of this, just as i was. Assuming you want to withdraw money from an ATM Machine Or you just want to send money to someone and you forget your ATM Card at home or somewhere else, what will you do? Rush back home? Absolutely No.
Fidelity Bank Dial4Cash service has got you covered. Learn how it works in this article.


To make a Cardless withdrawal at the ATM, follow the steps below;

  1. From your mobile line that is registered with Fidelity Bank, dial *770*8*Amount#
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts to create a One-Time PIN that will be used at the ATM.
  3. Now, enter your Instant Banking PIN to confirm the transaction.
  4. A Paycode is then generated from your Fidelity bank account and sent to your phone.
The One-Time PIN and the Paycode can also be sent to a third party to make a cardless withdrawal.
To be honest I have never thought that this information was useful until I became a victim myself
If You are using the *770# Instant Banking service for the first time, you will be required to register by dialing *770#.
WHAT TO DO AT THE ATM MACHINE - At the ATM, Press any Key on the machine or Press Enter - Select Dial4Cash or PayCode Cashout - First, enter the one-Time 4 digit PIN you created earlier. - Enter the Paycode that was sent to your mobile phone. - Enter the amount and take your Cash. It is as simple as that. Got anything to add to this post? Tell us via Comments section.
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Free Edit existing Text, add Images Copy & Export PDF Files on your Mobile Phone without Stress

Most of you think PDF Files can not be edited, today i hereby say is false, it is possible to edit pdf file as well as you can perform text manipulation easily.

Editing a pdf file is accltually easy and you can add/edit existing texts, add images, and also copy and export the file with ease. Anyways today in this article, i will guide you on how to edit any pdf files for free on your device and also without stress.

How To Easily Edit PDF File for Free on your Mobile Device.

There are certain ways which you can easily edit or manipulate on a PDF files without stress using your android mobile device.
Compatible to all versions(kitkat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat) and above.

Edit PDF files Using Google Drive.

Firstly, you need to upload the pdf file to the Google Drive in other to edit it easily.
Once your done.
Now Click on New------> File upload-----> Select the file you want to edit and then Click on it.
Now, after the first step above, open that file with the Google Docs among options. And once the file opens in Google Docs, edit and make any changes you wish, then again save the file as PDF and download it.

If you are not that used to Google Drive, or not interested with the above method. You can also try out the below apps on your mobile phone.


Xodo PDF Editor:

When it comes to editing of pdf files or adding text, Xodo pdf editor for android is one of the best pdf file editor apk which i will recommend you to use, due to it's number of functions.

Xodo pdf editor is of the best and as well my favorite because of its functionability.
With xodo pdf editor you can--

  • Add New text to the PDF and customize the font face , size.
  • Add & Sign the PDF Document with your own signature.
  • Edit Existing texts with effects such as highlight, strikethrough, underline.
  • Annotate PDF Files

Besides, these you can even save the edited PDF Files and share them online via mail etc.
Click here to Download Xodo PDF Editor for Android

Edit PDF Using Adobe’s fill & sign for android 

Adobe normally comes first on your mind when it comes to PDF format. Adobe’s fill & sign for android phone does a great job in editing of Pdf files.
This App Perform the below function-

  • Fill Up forms & text fields.
  • Adding text to blank spaces.
  • Signing Documents.
  • Filling fields inside forms using Profile data (auto-saved)

Adobe’s fill & sign is also the best alhough it has lesser text customizations as compared to Xodo – You can change the color of text which is being added in Xodo, but the color can’t be customised in Adobe Fill & Sign.

Adobe however, has the best ease of use and it's also recommended.

Click here to Download Adobe PDF Fill & Sign for Android.

Edit PDF File Using Foxit

Foxit PDF is one of the best well known alternatives to Adobe PDF for Computers, and on Android too, this app is not left behind and doesn’t lag much.

Foxit PDF is easily capable of giving a good reading experience, simultaneously giving you a chance to edit text from your PDF documents, & Signing the documents on your Android phone.

All necessary functions for PDF editing are thoroughly implemented in Foxit, so you can go for it as well.

Click here to Download Foxit PDF Reader & Editor from Google Play

By using the above means, you can easily edit PDF files directly on your Android phone without any problem, so if you know of any better alternative app feel free to let us know in the comments section!
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Don't miss Out; Get the Glo 4G MiFi Router and enjoy a long lasting Period of 1 year Free Data

As we all know Glo has recently reduced their Data Plan. And now they came up with another means to get the attention of their customers by Offering 16GB of Data to any subscriber who should Purchase the 4G MiFi which cost just ₦16,000.
I personally was not too happy with them until this offer came up.
Don't miss Out; Get the Glo 4G MiFi Router and enjoy a long lasting Period of 1 year Free Data

The Glo MiFi also adapts itself to offices and events venues, being able to beam the Glo 4G wireless internet signals over a wide expanse of space.
As recorded by Globacom, a subscriber gets the 16GB, for over a long period of 1 year. A further advantage of the Glo 4G MiFi is the power of Glo’s 4G network which comes with high speed internet service backed up by Glo1, the company’s transatlantic submarine cable.

This is indeed a great offer. You can get the 4G MiFi Router if there is a strong network coverage in your area, in other to enjoy the power of 4G Network.

Glo 4G MiFi Details

  1. Glo 4G 150Mpbs WiFi modem + Free 16Gb Data + 4% Bonus on every recharge for 6 month.
  2. Rechargeable can work over 5 hours without being recharged.
  3. The 4G MIFI can connect up to 15 devices, including Smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and the like, all at once.


Well, is easy and simple just hurry now and get yours with just ₦16,000 in any Glo Office or closet around your area and join other subscribers, trust me you don’t want to miss this. Don’t forget to share if this information is helpful to you.
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Here are the New Emoji We Should be Expecting in 2018

It’s been months since the last time we got a new set of emoji in our lives. However, Unicode is here and ready to give us a first look at the emojis which we are to expect in 2018, 157 in all, including the redheaded emoji.
It’s been months since the last time we got a new set of emoji in our lives.
The highlights from the new list include a llama, toolbox, salt shaker, lobster, skateboard, pawn, pirate flag, plus plenty more.

That’s right, and this is going to be a blockbuster year for our expanding emoji libraries. The Emoji is officially “fixed and finally.” Mobile and desktop OS makers such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft can take a look at the new emojis design and make customizations and tweaks for their own products.
For someone like myself, the most exciting aspect of this update is the new redheaded emoji, which we got a preview of it back in August 2017 However, we’re also getting other top-of-head diversity, including bald, gray-haired, and curly-haired variants.

Emojipedia was kind enough to create a video, highlighting the entire lap of the new emoji's which are to be released, and I've also included it here.
So Watch Below..!

What new emoji has you hyped? For me, it’s gotta be the emotional support peacock.
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Free Download Advance WhatsApp Plus 2018 Mod Version

Hey friends! This is another great day, so I am going to share all the details/info about Latest WhatsApp Plus Mod Version.

Nowadays everybody is carrying a smartphone and with that, the first thing they are doing is installing the WhatsApp on their phones.

WhatsApp is one of the best and most messaging apps that are out there which lets you connect with other people easily without any tasks all you need is to have an active internet connection.

Get:👉 Free GBWhatsapp v6.4 APK [Latest Version]
So let me now present to you the Latest WhatsApp Plus+ which gives you more power than just a normal WhatsApp apk user.
WhatsApp Plus is a customized version of original one with many extra features

What is WhatsApp Plus+?

WhatsApp Plus is a customized version of original one with many extra features. This app is the best of it kind, the unofficial mod of WhatsApp which comes with advanced features and much more than the official WhatsApp. When looking at the name, many of you might be thinking that it is an advance version of WhatsApp, but it isn’t directly. WhatsApp Plus has nothing to do with the main official WhatsApp apk.

Is this Mod Version of WhatsApp Safe to use or Not?

Yea this Latest mod of WhatsApp is actually save to use. I remember back then due to the complain by official WhatsApp the WhatsApp Plus was remove from PlayStore by DMCA.
But still, you can download it from the web. Is it legal? Well. That’s a matter of concern for sure.

Update:👉 You can Now Directly Save WhatsApp Status to your Phone

What’s New in WhatsApp Plus?

The official whatsapp and whatsapp+ are almost the same, but WhatsApp Plus comes with some great more advanced features which the official WhatsApp doesn’t provide.

Now lets look at the dissimilarities of both apps. See below:

. Modify User Interface: If you ever used official WhatsApp then I am sure you have noticed, you can’t alter anything. But with WhatsApp plus impossible is just a word. You can adjust the launcher icon and its color according to your desire, as well as, you can change the home screen, chat screen, a pop-up notification, header size and color, font, font color, widget, etc. Though, WhatsApp plus has over 2000+ themes. Download and apply them to make your conversion screen more elegant.

. Media Sharing: One of the thing that I hate the most about original WhatsApp is that, the limit of sending files. And when you will try to send or receive a picture you will see a big difference in quality. But WhatsApp+ understands this issue and also helped the users to overcome it. If you use WhatsApp Plus version then you can send and receive large files, videos with just one touch. For college students, it is a great way to share notes, projects files with friends.

. Advanced Features: WhatsApp+ not only permit users to increase sharing size or altering user interface but also provide numerous advanced aspects.

If you want your last seen to be frezed then you can do that, for those that like hiding there last seen, the option is available too! Apart from this, if anyone of your contact is annoying you then you can ignore him/her without them realizing.

The Key Features Of WhatsApp Plus+

You’ve just read the difference between Whatsapp & Whatsapp Plus. Now, it’s time to explore the primary features of Whatsapp Plus. So, without any further delay let’s take a look at some of best traits of Whatsapp Plus. So Let's Begin....!

Display – WhatsApp Plus comes with blue unlike the original Whatsapp i.e. green. But you can change it to another color anytime to fit your taste. Also, you can tweak its interface such as theme, background, header, chat colors as per your choice.

Fonts – Do you want to change font color and style? You can do it on Whatsapp Plus. Just choose your favorite and tweak it until you like it. It makes your chat more interesting and stylish. Isn’t it?

File Transfer– Whatsapp Plus lets you share files (pictures, videos, music, docs) over 50 MB. Yes. That’s right. You can send attachments to your contacts with a single click. Isn’t it awesome?

Image Sharing (in high-quality) – You must have seen that your pictures lose quality when you send it through Whatsapp. Yeah! You know it very well. Heck yeah! But it’s not the case with Whatsapp Plus. You can send high-quality images to others without compromising.There wouldn’t be any distortion on your pictures, unlike the original Whatsapp version. Because there wouldn’t be any distortion Furthermore, you can post more than 10 pictures on Whatsapp Plus at once.

Location – No need to click on ‘location sharing’ icon to show your location on Whatsapp Plus. It shares your location by default while you’re chatting. Isn’t it pretty cool?

Status– You need to click on a person’s contact list to go through his/her profile and status. However, it’s a lot easier when you’re using Whatsapp Plus. How? Let me tell you. The status shows up underneath the last seen display area on this app. Though, it’s clearly more suitable than WhatsApp app. Can you disagree?

No Ban Issue: You may have heard that WhatsApp bans the user for using any mod of Whatsapp but not that in the case of WhatsApp Plus. It’s a ban free WhatsApp mod.WhatsApp Plus App provides much more features you can now install it to try other features.

Download WhatsApp Plus APK Latest Version

Ever since the developers of official WhatsApp filed a complain, you cannot download WhatsApp Plus from Google Play Store. But don’t be sad, because below I have shared the working download link of WhatsApp+, so Click here to Download.

Final Word;

Today we’ve written down a detailed post about WhatsApp Plus, If you are bored with official WhatsAppand wishes to do some fun like hiding last seen, changing colors, making fonts bigger or smaller then you should try WhatsApp Plus Latest Version (Download link is given already above ☝).
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Power All Your Apps with Glo “Free YouTube Streaming” Offer Via The New Tunneling File

Globacom always make a ways to encourage their subscribers to buy their data packages and deals,
And the “Free YouTube Data” Bonus that they deliver out to all of their customers who purchases any data bundle as from ₦500 and above.
Well, the Glo “Free YouTube Streaming” provided by Globacom is mainly for YouTube streaming, but today, i am going to share with you how you can use the Glo YouTube free data to power all your applications through the new Ehi Tunneling app.‎

You need the below requirements before proceding


  1. HTTP Injector (SSH/Proxy/VPN) 4.2.3 – download it through the Google playstore
  2. Ehi Tunneling document 1 (Germany Server) for Http Injector (search on google)‎
  3. Ehi Tunneling document 2 (u.s. Server) for Http Injector  (search on google)‎
  4. Ehi Tunneling document 3 (Netherland Server) for Http Injector (search on google)‎

Now follow the below instructions to easily power all apps using the Tunneling Ehi App

How To Power All Apps With the Glo Free YouTube data Bonus

For you to power all apps with the Glo free youtube data, firstly,
Open the HTTP Injector app
 click on on file at the pinnacle of the app and import any of the Ehi documents from your device
 subsequent, tick DNS (Default DNS)
For you to power all apps with the Glo free youtube data, firstly,  Open

And That’s all, Now click on connect and start downloading!
NOTE"The Glo Free YouTube data bonus starts at 1am till 5:30am. Once it’s 5:30am your regular Data will be deducted and this also applies when you are watching YouTube without VPN.

Round Up: Whether or not with the VPN or with out VPN, the Glo Free YouTube data Bonus works between 1am – 5:30am every night.
Just in case you get the “Can’t Connect” or incorrect username or password message, all that is required of you to do is to update the servers on the left-hand side of the App.‎
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Ntel 4G LTE Could soon Become the Next Biggest MTN Rival

MTN has always been untop and it keeps maintaining its leading position in the Nigerian telecom marker. This is because it was the first in the market but other factors such as its services and operation contribute a lot to its success.

Mainwhile Glo seems to be the biggest rival to MTN in several areas but is obvious that other service providers have their areas of strength.
Though MTN still maintains its position, ntel and other mobile network providers are somewhat rivaling its services. Ntel, in particular, offers interesting services targeted at some set of users. Its unlimited data servicesare superb and could be termed the best. No doubts, ntel is gaining prominence each day, but would it really become the next biggest rival to MTN?

NTEL is Becoming a Force to Reckon

When most Nigerians think of ntel, they think of unlimited data and 4G LTE. In fact, to most people ntel has become synonymous to 4G LTE; although this would be an exaggeration, it is not far from the truth.

Ntel was the first mobile network provider to introduce 4G LTE services in Nigeria; this advent made ntel a pacesetter and in fact, a force in the Nigerian telecom market.

Although ntel data services are limited to major Nigerian cities namely Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt, ntel offers only unlimited data services.

One major edge ntel has over MTN is its unlimited data plans. In fact, what MTN labels as an unlimited plan usually has a cap but ntel data plans are truly unlimited. This makes ntel a force to reckon with in unlimited 4G LTE.

Ntel’s Shortfalls

However, ntel does not score high in every area of its operation. For instance, its services are localized in only three in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt, unlike MTN that has coverage in virtually the 36 states of the federation.

Additionally, ntel data plans are costly, of course, this is expected for an unlimited 4G LTE. The cost of the data plans makes it rarely an option for an average data surfer, however, most heavy data users will prefer the network.

Additionally, when compared to some other unlimited data plans such as Smile UnlimitedPremium monthly plan with 30-day validity (19,800 NGN), ntel Unlimited Family(17,500 NGN) is a cheaper option.

In conclusion, ntel is a big rival to MTN in data services, and it is undeniably the biggest rival to MTN in unlimited data plans. Ntel could even pose a greater threat to the major internet service providers if its data services are accessible in other states in the country.
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Sonic Game will be Launch on Facebook Messanger Very Soon

8This is actually silly,  Mark of facebook thinks as if we are automatically or in neeed of another excuse to spend even more and more of our live time on Facebook, the company is now launching a Sonic game on Messenger.
Back then after the launch of Facebook Games on the platform, Facebook have announced that the platform are still on a struggle to release a crop of new titles.
How to play Basketball/Soccer on Facebook Messanger
Among the mention games is the Sonic Jump from SEGA, which will "introduce a new, arcade style adventure to Messenger, featuring classic Sonic enemies, power-ups, and traps as players challenge friends to see who can jump the farthest".

This really sounds pretty neat right? The game has already been rolled out in some selected regions, and will become available around the world in the next few weeks.

On Messenger the angry birds will also going to be release following on from the launch of a Tetris remake.

Other newly announced games are Disney Tsum Tsum, which will include Disney characters, as well as a new puzzle game from GungHo Online Entertainment, the makers of Puzzles & Dragons.

Facebook has also announced that a new live streaming function for gamers will also be release, that means you can share your gaming experiences with friends, as well as a video-chat gaming experience that will be launch.
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The Kart Tour Game " Mario " is Officially coming to Smartphones Device

The Japanese gaming giants Nintendo has now announced that it will be bringing its wildly popular Mario Kart series for mobile users, which i know most of the Android/iOS users will love much.
This android app called Mario Kart Tour is reported to be coming into the smartphone word within the next
Mario Kart. This android app called Mario Kart Tour is reported to be coming into the smartphone word within the next financial year,
which could be anytime between April 2018 to March 2019. Further details about the game are currently scarce but the Mario Kart franchise is one of Nintendo’s biggest.
This android app called Mario Kart Tour is reported to be coming into the smartphone word within the next
Yesterday, as the company announced that in addition to selling 14.86 million Switch consoles, its Mario Kart 8 Deluxe game sold more than 7.3 million copies.

Nintendo is likely to have more mobile titles, the company has ever planned to released five smartphone games by 2017, but only Super Mario Run, Animal Crossing, Pocket Camp, Fire Emblem Heroes, and the ill-fated Miitomo social app were able to be archeived so far.
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Powerful Smartphone to be Launch with 10GB RAM this year 2018; Vivo Xplay 7

Just take a moment to imagine how swift a device with 5Gb RAM would be, then think about what a device with 10Gb RAM would be able to accomplish mind blowing results.
From Weibo Pictures a presentation detailing a new Vivo smartphone which have been leaked showing off the Xplay 7. It was also said that It will be powered by Snapdragon 845 processor and come with storage space of up to 512GB of alongside with a 4K screen.

The Vivo Xplay 7 has been set to come with this embedded fingerprint sensor use Synaptics Clear ID optical sensor. This sensor only works with OLED displays because it doesn’t need backlighting as is the case with having LCD displays.
The sensors work from the gaps between the pixels which thats why the technology still stays invisible..

You will Unlock your smartphone using fingerprint at frontIin terms of the security, the fingerprint sensor will be at the Home screen instead of at the back which normally most of other smartphones do.
There’s no information around the official launch of the Xplay 7 though, so watch out, keep in mined and stay turned.

Don’t forget to share this.
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Find out More about the Settings of your Android Smartphone; 5 Basic Codes

When we talk about an Android operating system, the reason people choose Android more than other Os is that this platform has different kind of features for every particular purpose.

Here we are going to mention few short codes that will help you find the settings of your phones and to find out either your messages and information are being tracked.
Find Out the Basic Settings of your device

Let me tell you, those days are gone when a smartphone was only used for voice communication. We are living in a generation where our smartphones are more than a powerful computer that we used to carry in our pocket.

And today we have managed to collect some of the useful codes for Android users which will help those who’re worried about being tracked.

Kindly follow me below;

Code 1: *#21#

This code will let you find out whether your messages, calls, and other data are being diverted. You can find details about call forwarding. You can even find out where your data, voice, fax, SMS, sync, async, Packet access, and pad access call forwarding enabled or disabled.

Code 2:  *#62#

If your friend tells you, that your number is saying no-service or no-answer, then you need to dial this code on your smartphone to find out where your calls, messages, and data are being redirected. There are possibilities that your calls are being redirected to one of your cell phone operator’s numbers.

Code 3:  ##002#

This is a universal code to deactivate all call forwarding. This will immediately switch off all the redirections from your phone. If you feel that your call is being redirected, then you can dial this code to stop the redirecting. It will be a good idea to use this code before you have to use roaming so that the money won’t be taken from your account.

Code 4: *#06#

This code is used to find the International Mobile Equipment Identifier (IMEI). This code will be very useful to find the IMEI number of your smartphone. You can note down your IMEI number in a safe place. With the help of IMEI number, you can find your phone if someone steals it.

Code 5: *#*#4636#*#* or *#*#197328640#*#*

This special code allows anyone to track your location and also determine whether someone is following you.

Type in the following code in your phone dial pad and then select the section called UMTS Cell Environment, then choose UMTS RR info. Now note down all the numbers under the Cell ID.

Now move to the main menu and then click on MM info tab > Serving PLMN. Now note down the numbers under Local area code (LAC).

After noting down these two numbers open the website open this site OPENCELLID and select the fourth tab to the left. From there you can determine the location on the map of the basic station that your phone is connected to.

So, these are the 5 codes which will help you to find out more about the settings of your phone and to find out whether your messages are protected or not. Hope you like the article, share it with your friends too!
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Infinix Now set to Launch their First Smartphone in India

According to latest reports, infinix is now set to launch a new smartphone in India on the 6th of February. The device name is yet to be unveiled at the moment, but it has a name tag ‘Indian First’ and would fit into the company’s selfie-focused line of smartphones. The device which is expected to be the launch infinix smartphone in the Indian market before heading to other markets is tipped to come with a mid-range price tag.
According to latest reports, infinix is now set to launch a new smartphone in India on
Other details such as display size, Android version, processor, battery size and more remains unknown, but there is every likelihood that the device would adopt the trendy 18:9 aspect with the primary camera and the fingerprint sensor below the rear camera.

Meahile as we all know, the Infinix brand isnt new to the mobile phones market, the brand has been a dominant force in Nigeria, Kenya and other parts of Africa where it has a major share of the mobile phone market. As for its India presence, Infinix has to its credit a couple of 5- 6 phone, the latest been the Infinix zero 5 and Zero 5 pro which is exclusively available in the country via Flipkart.
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Truecaller App added Two new Useful features for Android users

The most popular communication app Truecaller has now added a new feature called "Truecaller Backup" for Android devices.

Every day thousands of Truecaller users are switching to a new phone, getting new SIM cards, resetting their device or in general having to start their Truecaller journey as new. This inevitably leads to lost of contacts, blank call logs, and data gone which be missing.

This time around Not anymore.

In the next couple of days, truecaller will be rolling out to their users Truecaller Backup for feature for Android, which will let users to take a backup of their data easily.

How to Backup? Is easy and simple

The next time you update and open Truecaller you’ll be prompted to setup your backup.

With just a click of a button, Truecaller will backup all your contacts, call history, call logs, block list and settings preferences to a file that will be stored on your Google Drive. If you don’t already have a Google Drive account you’ll be prompted to create one.

From the Settings menu, you’ll be able to select how often you want to backup your data (daily, weekly, monthly or never.)

Now how to restore? This is seamless

If you ever need to restore all your data all you’ll need to do is give Truecaller access to the file you stored on your Google Drive and voila! Your data will be restored to the last saved state.

Truecaller Contacts are here.

Ever need to remember the phone number of a workman you spoke with months ago? Or did you forget to save a long-lost friends phone number and haven’t spoken with them for over a year?

That's not a problem, TrueCaller got you covered.

In addition to backing up all your contacts, the TrueCaller app developers are adding a new Truecaller Contacts view feature to the contacts list. This view will contain all the contacts you’ve ever had from any Call, SMS or transaction. So even if you don’t save a contact you’ll be able to go back and find who you’ve communicated with in the past.

So, if you’re planning on getting a new phone, or you lost your phone don’t fret. Truecaller got your contacts covered all the way.
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